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Welcome to my website - dedicated to my small collection of wristwatches.

As you will see on the following pages, my interests are mechanical wristwatches from the 1940’s to 1980’s. I have been collecting watches for over 20 years and focus mostly on Swiss watches, manufactured by Omega, and various military timepieces. I am also a self-taught watch-repairer and do most of the servicing and repair on my own watches.

One of my “rules” is that I wear the watches in my collection. Watches are tools and are made to be used. Therefore, all my watches show signs of wear and evidence of use. Hope you enjoy these pictures and please e-mail me with any comments or questions you might have. 

My watch collection

Omega military watches (L to R): Omega Speedmaster Ref #145.022 (1971), Omega RAF FA Ref # 2777 (1953), Omega WWW  Ref # 2444 (1944).